Premium Membership


The Premium Moment Time™ Momentum Membership



The Premium Moment Time™ Momentum Membership

Entry into the Premium Membership is a two-stage process open to Basic Membership members. The first stage is risk-free. You will receive a copy of Moment Time™ Rests on the Habit Finder in your welcome package. Optionally, you can complete the Habit Finder Profile that measures your 36 thinking habits. Self-interpretation guides will assist in your understanding your results.

When you discern that an upgrade to Premium Membership is in your best interests, you and I will begin our four deep dives into leveraging your habitual thinking strengths, mastering those pesky risky thinking habits that bite you in the butt, and accelerating the growth of your direct sales team.

  • Secret Facebook Group (an elite community)
  • Four Habit Finder 1:1 30-minute deep dives ($800 value)
  • Og Mandino Leadership Institute Resources ($300 Institute cost)
    • The Habit Finder Practicum
    • The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino
    • Today I Begin a New Life by Dave Blanchard
    • The Observer’s Chair by Dave Blanchard
    • Equanimity: Conquering Mt. Entrepreneur by the Institute
  • Nine Zoom-based teaching/Q&A calls (three per month for three months; $900 value)

Total value $2,000.

For reference purposes, my private clients invest $6,000 for an individual 15-week Habit Finder program or $10,000 for a 26-week program.